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Fans of the lesser-known's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of the lesser-known

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'Sa Mattah? [Jun 11th - 12:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

This community seems a bit dead. *aims sling shot at fandom*

This is a great Idea for a community, lets get something rolling here! Some fics and pics. Get the led outa your pants! Come'on Come'on Move it Move it!

Anyways, the name is Dodger and I'm in love with Specs. And, may I ask. Are any of you slashers and Where the fuck can I find some good Newsies slash!


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Snitch [Jan 28th - 11:07pm]

Does anyone have a really good Snitch icon? I hate to make such a small post but I'd love one.
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[Jan 9th - 10:30am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Uhm, I come bearing art?

Probably worth noting that I had neither pose nor costume references. In short, all this was done from memory only. Also, first time drawing Specs, yay! (Dutchy has taken up residence on most of my Calculus homework already)

Link to my Journal

[Crossposted to deesarrachi, carrydabanner, and blood___drips]

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[Apr 24th - 1:45am]

Hey guys! New here and just wanted to say hi! My favorite Newsies is Swifty the Rake. So cute!! Does anyone happen to have any icons of him? Or are able to make icons, because I found a pic that could be turned into one!
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Hi there! [Feb 14th - 3:14pm]

[ mood | silly ]

YESS I wanna be involved in a new Lesser Known Newsies community!

A little bit about me: hi, my name is Kathryn (or Sketchy, if you like), and I am an Official Newsies Fangirl. I like Capitalizing, but I like Skittery more!

Yay for Slashy Icons. /points to below post/ I myself am a David/Blink shipper. Snittery is also good. Won't touch Spack with a Ten-Foot Sandwich. It Squicks me.

Have you ladies seen 'Blood Drips on Newsie Square'? I hear it's an absolute riot.

Well, that's all for me for now. Will drop in every Once In A While to post icons/backgrounds/cutethings. But don't expect anything special, I only have Paint on my machine. ^_^v


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Newsies icons. [Aug 13th - 2:21pm]

I just joined this community, and thought that I'd introduce myself by offering up a smattering of snark-filled icons with our favourite boys. Enjoy!


Take a look...Collapse )

Right-click, comment, credit, all that jazz. X-posted at iconer, carrydabanner, lj user="newsboyxnewsboy">, newsie_icons, and newsies_fan.
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Woo, new community! [Sep 29th - 4:02pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to the grand opening of Esoteric Newsies, a community for those of us who love the characters with small parts in the movie.

I am your faithful moderator, Jayme. This layout was just a quick starter thing that I put together in about two seconds. ^_^

Any and everything is welcome here, from fanfics to icons and beyond.

I only ask one thing, please pass word on about Esoteric Newsies ^___^

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